Cure for Laziness in ‘Ibadah

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem…

Imam al-Haddad was asked about the cure for those who feel lazy to perform their religious duties (i.e. divine worship etc.) and are easily swayed by their lusts. He replied: —
Know that laziness and giving in to one’s lusts are caused by 4 things. (1) ignorance, this can be overcome by seeking beneficial knowledge; (2) weak faith, this can be overcome by reflecting about the Allah’s Power and Signs manifested in the heavens and the earth and diligently performing good acts (optional prayers, fasts, charity etc.); (3) long hopes, overcome it by reflecting upon death and realize that death can come at any time, and (4) consumption of syubhah food (i.e. food which is not clearly halal or haram/forbidden), this can be overcome by being cautious and taking less food.

 Consumption of food that is syubhah results in unanswered prayers (du’a), heaviness to perform ‘ibadah and weak faith. It is realted to me that Habib ‘Ali Al-Aydarus of Batu Pahat mentioned that a lot of food in Singapore are syubhah. There are the unavoidables which Habib said are forgiven and there are also those that can be avoided such as chocolates, doughnuts just to name a few, which not only do not have any ‘halal’ logo on their packaging, their ingredients contain syubhah additives. We must be cautious of these for the sake of our iman. With resources such as the MUIS Halal Food Additives List, we only have ourselves to be blamed for lacking scrupulousness.

2 thoughts on “Cure for Laziness in ‘Ibadah”

  1. Salaam..
    very happy to see that such a blog is put up solely for the purpose for those who read it to better improve ourselves of bad character traits and to bring ourselves closer to ulama’ indirectly bringing us closer to Rasulullah s.a.w. Reading such blogs such will serve as a reminder to remember Allah s.w.t. This is concurrent to your earlier posts that says, from Habib umar bin hafidz, from Rasulullah s.a.w. that the best acts are done with remembrance of Allah.. very heartfelt..Baarakallahu fik ya akhi.. i pray that Allah grant you strength to carry on with your efforts.. Amin

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