The True Faqir from Zalal al-Fuqara’

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem wa La Hawla waLa Quwwata Illa Billahil ‘Aliyil Adheem…

The following are excerpts from a treatise by the Wali Allah Abu ‘Abd Ar-Rahman As-Sulami Al-Naysaburi may Allah be pleased with him.

Know that utter need (faqir) is one of the traits of servanthood where there is neither arrogance nor pride, but rather humble submission and compliance. “Allah coined a similitude: [two men, on the one hand] a [mere] chattel slave, who is capable of nothing and a [free] man upon whom we have bestowed goodly sustenance [as a gift] from Ourselves, so that he can spend thereof [at will, both] secretly and openly. Can these two be deemed equal? [16:75]

Therefore one who imagines that he is capable of something, and claims for himself a spiritual state, station, or degree, is devoid of the traits of servitude – faqir i.e. utter need (for Allah).

Ruwaym, when asked about faqir replied, “It is that you find excuses for your brother’s mistakes, while behaving with them in a manner that requires no excuses  [from them].”

Muhammad ibn Abi al-Ward said: “Part of…faqir is abstaining from blaming and condemning those who are afflicted by seeking [gain in] the world, having compassion and sympathy for them , as well as praying that Alllah give them rest from their fatigue.”

“The Faqir has neither deceit nor malice in his heart towards anyone, the sincerity of his actions is not sullied by people’s awareness of him, people’s praises do not effect him, and he does not slacken [in his ‘ibadah] when he is by himself.”

“…they know how incapable they are of fulfilling what is demanded of them [on the spiritual path] and thus are free from pride.”

“The origin of every temptation is in forgetting Allah; for one who forgets Him, He causes to forget his own ego-self. As Allah ta’ala mentioned: “Be not as those who have forgotten Allah, and whom He therefore causes to forget themselves.”[59:19] When the ego-self is forgotten and not kept in close watch, it runs wild and this is the source of every bad and reprehensible actions/moves/thoughts/speech.

Therefore if we forget Him recall this verse, ‘And call your Rabb i.e. Lord to mind when you forget, and say. “I hope that my Lord will guide me ever closer (even) than this to the right road.”” [18:24]

Wadhkur Rabbaka idha naseeta wa Qul ‘Asaa Ai-yahdiyani Rabbi liAqraba min hadha Rashada. [18:24]

Wallahu ‘alam…Wasolatu wassalaamu ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin Wa ‘Ala Aalihi WaSohbihi.

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