The Proper Adab in Observing Friday

Bismillahi Walhamdulillahi wasolatu wasalamu ‘ala Rasulillah…

Praise be to Allah, Who has granted Friday to us as a day dedicated to His Worship, a day dedicated for us to focus and reflect on the Hereafter, the Great Gathering. A day that will wash away the sins of past days, a day wherein contains a moment when our prayer is not rejected (mustajab), a day that if observed with proper adabs/sunnahs with sincerity (i.e. to get closer to Allah and eliminate the lower self) will be a light for the other days. It will provide madad ie. assistance from Allah himself. This is in the form of increase in knowledge, faith, certainty etc.

May Allah assist us in practicing at least one of these adabs. Amin

Adab Jumu’ah  – Excerpt from Bidayah Al-Hidayah by Hujjatul Islam Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

  1. Preparations for Friday begins on Thursday after the Asr Prayers with doing istighfar and tasbeehs. If you intend to fast on Friday, make sure you accompany it with a fast on either Thurs. or Sat. The chapters from the Qur’an recommended to be read on Thursday night(Thursday night is actually Jumu’ah night in Islam, Night comes before day in Islamic/Arabic culture, darkness of non-existence before light of existence) include: Ya-Siin, Ad-Dukhan, Al-Kahfi (provides protection from the Fitnah of Ad-Dajjal), Al-Jumu’ah, Al-Munafiqun, As Sajadah and Al Mulk.

    O ye who believe! When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the Day of Assembly), hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah, and leave off business (and traffic): That is best for you if ye but knew!
  2. Take a full bath on the Friday morning, it is related that this is wajib for adults from the follwing hadith: “Ghuslul-jumu’ati waajibun ‘alaa kulli muhtalim” -related by Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Abu Sa’id.
  3. Dress in white preferably as it is the most pleasant and beloved to Allah. Avoid the black colour. Put on some fragrance, strong scents (e.g. ‘oud/gaharu etc.) recommended for men. Cleanse your body thoroughly by shaving, trimming using the toothstick etc.
  4. Leave for the mosque early (for fajr prayers) calmly avoiding haste. Rasulullah pbuh. said, “Whoever comes for the Friday prayers in the first hour is as if he sacrifices a fat camel. Whoever arrives at the second hour is as if he sacrifices a heifer….Whoever arrives at the fifth hour is as if he sacrifice an egg. After which when the imam steps out for the sermon, the scrolls are closed, pens are lifted and the angels proceed to the mimbar/podium to listen to the sermon.” It is also said that the degree of proximity of a person to Allah in the hereafter depends on how early they are to arrive for the prayers.
  5. Seek the first row.
  6. When there is already a large congregation, do not step over the necks of others to get to the front unless the front rows are left empty. The people who have left the front rows empty have lost the benefit of he first row.
  7. Do not cross in front of someone who is praying, do not sit before performing 4 cycles prayer. Do not abandon the tahiyatul masjid prayer even when the imam is giving the sermon.
  8. Silence, attention and vigilance during the Khutbah/Sermon.
  9. Reciting Al-Fatihah 7x, Al-Ikhlas (Qul huwa Allahu Ahad…) 7x, Al-Falaq 7x and An-Nas 7x after the Friday prayer. This will preserve oneself between two Fridays as related by the pious men of the past.
  10. One can pray either 2, 4 or 6 cycles of optional/nawafil prayers after the friday prayers.

Wallahu ‘alam.

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