His Daily Life

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Allahumasolli ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala Aalihi Wasohbihie wa Sallim fi kulli Waqtin Wahiin…

A’isha r.a. said, “The Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace, never filled his stomach completely. When he was with his family, he did not ask them for food nor desire it. If they fed it to him, he ate. He accepted whatever they served him and he drank whatever they gave him to drink.” When he sits to eat he did not sit with a settled posture nor does he lean on anything. He sat squatting, as someone ready to get up. This is because someone who sits in a settled posture or reclines, for instance cross-legged or in some other comfortable manner demands food and seeks a lot of it. 

The Prophet pbuh said, “The kind of food which I prefer is that with many hands in it”. Meaning, he prefers to eat with as many companions, sharing his food. This helps one to eat less and also increases ties of friendship.

It is said that he slept little and ‘his eyes slept but his heart does not sleep’. He used to sleep on his right side in order to be able to sleep less (heavily) because sleeping on the right side is easier for the heart as it inclines to the left side.

The Prophet pbuh said, “He (Allah) made me love in this world of yours, women, scent and the coolness of my eye is in prayer,” and then he indicated that his love and occupation with women was not for the benefit of his worldly life but beacause marriage benefits a person’s life in the next world in that it helps to lower the eye (from looking at women) and protects the private parts. Thus he set an example for the benefit of his followers. He did not marry out of desire, his first wife Sayidatina Khadija was forty and he was 25 when they got married and Sayidatina Khadija was the one who proposed to him. He did not marry again until several years passed after Khadija’s passing that too was due to selfless reasons.

He pbuh, loved to put on scents for the sake of the angels and others.
Thus his love for women and scents were for the benefit of others while his true love lay in witnessing the jabarut of his Lord and intimate conversation with Him. That is why he made a distinction between the two loves and separated the two conditions saying, “and the delight of my eye is in the prayer.”Happy are those who follow in his footsteps

The Prophet pbuh had been given the ability to satisfy the needs of women and he visited his wives in one hour of the day or night, and there were eleven of them. He pleased them well although he himself can do without them.

In dealing with wealth, he was given the treasures of the earth and the keys to the lands. He conquered the Hijaz, the Yemen and all of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as the areas bordering Syria and Iraq. He was brought a fifth of the booty as well as the jizya-tax and zakat-tax. He was also given gifts by kings but he did not keep any of this for himself nor withold a single dirham of it . He spent it all in its proper channels, enriched others with it and strengthened the Muslims by it . In todays context, he would have been a multi-millionaire but he only ate barley bread with salt and ashes and when he returned to Allah his armor was in pawn to feed his family.

The Prophet who was the Beloved of Allah hated bad character even before his Prophethood. He suffered and endured persecution, blame, insults just so that his followers would learn forbearance, patience from his example. May Allah help us to continue writing on his beautiful and wondrous traits. May Allah ta’ala lift the veil so that we can see the Prophet in this life itself. May we be among those who bring benefit to his ummah/followers. May we be among those who please Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. Amin Amin amin…

Read again while listening to this…May the love blossom in our hearts and tears of longing wet our cheeks…

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