His Praiseworthy Qualities…

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Alhamdulillahi Wasolatu Wasalaamu ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala aalihi wasohbihie fi kulli lamhatin wa nafasin…

The Messenger of Allah had the complete package, he was honoured with the dress of physical beauty as well as beautiful qualities in his character. This is Allah’s way in attracting us to follow his footsteps for our own salvation. His wondrous character traits are for us to emulate/follow not just to marvel at. Our intention of following him is solely to get closer to Allah not for praise or anything else insha-Allah. Amin

‘A’isha said, “The Messenger of Allah did not take a revenge for himself unless the honour (kehormatan) of Allah was violated. Then he would take revenge for the sake of Allah.”

The Messenger of Allah pbuh forgave the Jewess who had poisoned him with the mutton after she had confessed to the poisoning. He did not punish Labid bin al-‘Azam when he used black magic against him although the Messenger pbuh was informed about it. He never hit a servant or a woman. He was slow at getting angry and when he got angry he was quick to cool down.

He had no equal in generosity and liberality. He gave a hundred camels to more than one person, a valley full of sheep and he gave al-‘Abbas so much gold that he could not carry it. 90 000 dirhams was brought to him and he placed them on a mat and distributed it. When someone worked for him he would give as wage more than what was promised. He had no fear of poverty nor did he had any attachment to wealth. Mu’awwidh ibn ‘Afra said, “I brought the Prophet pbuh, a plate of cucumber and fresh dates, and he gave me a handful of jewelery and gold.”

He was the most courageous of men. When the Muslims were retreating during a battle, he began to gallop his mule towards the unbelievers. He was the closest to the enemy. He was so brave that any man who fought near him in a battle was brave. The one who truly fears Allah alone fears nothing while everything fear and is in awe of him.

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri said, “The Messenger of Allah pbuh was more modest (shy) than a secluded virgin. When he disliked something, we recognised it on his face.” He was extremely sensitive in his character. He did not say anything to a person which that person would dislike out of his modesty and generosity.” Anas related that a man came to the Prophet with a trace of saffron on him. The Prophet did not say anything to him since he never confronted anyone with something  they would dislike. When he left, the Prophet said, “Could you tell him to wash it off?”  ‘A’isha said, “I never ever saw the private parts of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

In his social interaction, the Prophet always made people feel that no one had been shown more honour than he i.e. the person he interacted with. Ibn Abi Hala described him, “He was always joyful with an easy disposition. He was gentle, neither gruff nor rude.” He never complained about food, he simply left it if he did not want it. He would fulfill an invitation even from a slave and he would accept a gift as low as a sheep’s trotter.

Anas said, “I served the Messenger of Allah pbuh for ten years and he never said ‘Uff”! to me. He did not say about anything I had done, ‘Why did you do it?’ or about anything I had not done, ‘Why didn’t you do it?’ ” He would visit the sick in the furthest part of the city and he accepted the excuse of anyone who offered an excuse.

Anas said, “When anyone spoke in the ear of the Messenger of Allah, he would not move his head away until the man first moved his. When anyone took his hand, he would not let go his hand until the one who had taken it let go. He was not seen to put his knees in front of anyone who was sitting beside him.

There are many more praiseworthy traits which we will write in the next post if Allah wills. Indeed he was “sent to complete the praiseworthy character traits.” May Allah help us in following his sunna. May Allah increase our desire/vigour to follow his sunna. May we gain his shafa’ah by Allah’s will. Amin…

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