Lata’if al-Minan – The Subtle Blessings

بسْم الله الرّحْمن الرّحيم، اللّهمّ صلِّ على سيّدنا محمّدٍ وآله

 وصحْبه وسلِّم


The Subtle Blessings in the Saintly Lives of Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi & His Master Abu al-Hasan

Shaykh Abu al-Abbas said, “When I was a young boy, there was a shadow play being put on beside our house, so I went to see it. When I went the next morning to see the teacher at the Qur’anic school, who was a friend of Allah, a Saint, he uttered the following lines of poetry when he saw me:

You who behold shadow images in wonderment,

You yourself are the shadow if only you could perceive it!

He also said, may Allah be pleased with him, “One night I had a vision in which I was in the ceelstial realm, when there appeared to me a dark-skinned man of short stature with a large beard. He said to me, ‘Say: O Allah, forgive Muhammad’s (s.a.w.) people. O Allah, have mercy upon Muhammad’s (s.a.w.) people. O Allah, cast Your veil of protection over Muhammad’s (s.a.w.) people. O Allah, restore Muhammad’s (s.a.w.) people. This is the prayer of al-Khidr a.s.. Whoever utters it everyday will be counted among the substitutes (al-abdaal, a category of Saints).

Shaykh Abu al-Hasan, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “I once saw (Abu Bakr) As-Siddiq in a dream, and he asked me, ‘Do you recognize the sign that one’s heart has been freed from love of the world?’  ‘No, I don’t,’ I replied. ‘The sign that one’s heart has been free from love of the world is that when one acquires worldly possessions, one dispose of them freely, and when one loses them, one experiences a sense of relief.’ ” 

“The weak person is the one with neither faith nor consciousness of Allah” -Shaykh Abu al-Abbas. The Shaykh was afflicted with a number of illnesses which, if even some of them were placed on the mountains, would cause them to melt away. He had kidney stones, suffered pain from his kidney when the weather was cold, and had twelve hemorrhoids which caused him particular discomfort when he was sitting with others. However, he would not interrrupt a session or moan as he sat. Hence those who were with him would not even be aware that there was anything wron with him.

Shaykh Abu al-Hasan said, “The performance of fewer good works while witnessing to Allah’s grace is better than the performance of more good works while witnessing to one’s own negligence or failure.”


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