The Red Sulphur – cont’d 2

A’uzubillahi minashaitonir Rojeem, Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Allahuma Solli wa Salleem ‘ala Sayidina Muhammmadin wa aalihi wa sohbihi…

…So the salik/seeker/traveller needs someone whom his heart becomes at rest among those who possess knowledge and act well according to their knowledge, this is wara’ or scrupulousness. If the salik finds someone who possesses these qualities, then this is the greatest treasure and highest aim for the one who is seeking Allah ta’ala.

Habib Hasan Ash-Shatrie

It is related that someone claimed to be a shaykh and had disciples around him. So our master Abu Yazid al-Busthomi went to look for him. Brfore he could sit with him, he saw this self-made shaykh spat on the wall of the mosque. Abu Yazid quickly turned and returned with those who came along with him, not meeting him at all. He said, “How could someone be trusted with the secrets of the Sacred Law (Sharia’) who is not even mindful of the adab of the Sacred Law.

Our master al-‘Aydarus said about this shaykh (the genuine one), he said, “Seeking a shaykh who is a gnostic and a gnostic in the terminology of the Way is the one who reached through knowledge and action the result of which is a light that was cast into his heart which unveiled for him the realities of faith. and (The shaykh is a) traveller who has also been pulled meaning that the shaykh becomes characterised with the qualities of spiritual travel and then Allah’s gift/beneficience/bounty came upon him and then he was pulled by the Divine attraction (i.e. with no effort on his part at this stage).

Suluk or travelling is only a foundation, one cannot reach the Knowledge of Allah (Gnosis) by it (suluk) alone until Allah shows the traveller His Grace by pulling him or attract him to a lofty station. Those who know (gnosis) are either those who travelled and were pulled later or those who were observed by the gaze of attraction first and then after that made their suluk well.

Reaching Allah is reaching knowledge of Allah whereby there is a state called fana’ or annhilation (the vision of all created beings is annhilated through the vision of their Creator). The person becomes unaware of the affairs of the creatures and he does not engage in them.

He tastes from the sweetness of the nearness to Allah s.w.t. that which is indescribable. Beyond this is the station of Baqa’ (abiding or staying). The gnostic joins between the good adab in the witnessing of Allah and witnessing of creation (from) point of view of Allah’s bringing them to existence. So the outward does not veil this person from the inward. Nor the inward veil him/her from the outward. Their vision of Al-Haqq, The Truth does not prevent them from giving the creatures their right. Their fulfiling the right of the creature s does not distract them from the vision of the Real, al Haqq.

The person of this station is given the aptitude to benefit mankind and bring them near to Allah ta’ala. Imam al-Haddad said, “I have a hope or a need that is very far beyond this and that is I travel to my Beloved. I be in an intense vision of Him and that I be annhilated from creatures those far and near and I remain/abide through Him, and how vast is my portion! Habib ‘Ali al-Habsyi said that it is a secret that Holy and is not told save to one of Spiritual Chivalry or Futtuwwa.

to be continued insha-Allah…
image courtesy of Nash Dftd =)

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