The Red Sulphur – Speech

A’uzubillahi minashaitonir Rojeem, Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Allahuma Solli wa Salleem ‘ala Sayidina Muhammmadin wa aalihi wa sohbihi…

The second pillar of mujahadah is little speech meaning that the seeker does not engage in speech that does not concern him/her and these are the things that the person does not need for his/her religious or worldly affairs that aid their religious affairs. Sufficient as a proof for this is the hadith, “Let the one who believes in Allah and the Final Day speak good or remain silent.” Also the hadith, “People are cast on their noses into The Fire by the harvest of their tongues.” Also, “The one who keeps his tongue silent from that which does not concern him, his heart will speak.”

When the heart speaks with types of invocations and upright reflection, the doors of other types of inner speech will open. That is that the heart remains silent while these disseminations of noble meanings (or secrets and subtleties) coming into the heart and then thereafter the Sirr or the Secret speaks. That is the station of spiritual vision and Divine discourse.

Many of the pious, reach a state by controlling the tongue that they are Present (Hudhur) with Allah in everything they say. (i.e. they are in the state of ihsan outside of Prayer). They never greet anyone with Salam save that they are aware of the (meaning of the) Magnificence of their Lord and the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w.. They don’t ask the person how they are doing save that they have the meaning/expression of tenderness and mercy in their heart similarly following the example of Rasulillah s.a.w. in this. They don’t respond to a question savethat they hope that there is good in that response. The least of which is that they would like to gladden the heart of the questioner as long as it does not trangress the Sacred Law or go against adab or etiquette.

This person is doing ‘ibadah by just comforting people’s feelings. In this there is an encouragement for the person of obedience in their obedience. Bringing the person who is a sinner closer in reconciling their heart, encouraging them to repent, and bringing a non-muslim closer to the religion of Allah ta’ala and understanding Islam. So this person in this is present with Allah.

For this reason, some of the ‘arifin said, “For twenty years people thought that I was speaking to them when I was (actually) speaking to Allah.” ( This person’s heart is so absorbed in Allah that he became unaware of others although he could interact with them normally.) So no word would proceed from him save that he sought through it the Countenance of Allah and his heart would be present with Allah and not heedless of him. In a hadith, it is related that Rasulullah s.a.w. would speak in measured words, such that if someone wanted to count his words, they would be able to do so.

The lowest level with regards to speech is distancing oneself from forbidden speech and also vices of the tongue such as lying, backbiting, tale-bearing, insults and engaging in speech that does not concern one and worse than that i.e. cursing others and also other vices such as dispute, debate and the discourse of hate and anger. In a noble verse of the Qur’an, there is an indication to this meaning, “Say to My servants to say that which is the best, indeed Satan causes discord between them.” the discord that Satan causes between parties is focused on its taking advantage of speech that is not the best speech and thereby coming in between parties.

to be continued…Insha Allah

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