The Red Sulphur – Speech cont’d

A’uzubillahi minashaitonir Rojeem, Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Allahuma Solli wa Salleem ‘ala Sayidina Muhammmadin wa aalihi wa sohbihi…

In the last post we stopped at the lowest level of speech i.e. distancing oneself from forbidden speech and the types of forbidden speech. The next level or higher level of speech is that which be directed to the various types of recitation and invocations and also sincere good counsel and calling /summoning people to Allah ta’ala. It is mentioned in a tradition that, ‘There is no morning save that the various limbs of the human being call out to the tongue saying,”Fear Allah concerning (for the sake of) us! Because we are only through you. If you are upright, we will be upright and if you’re crooked, we will be crooked.”‘ Thus the tongue has to be used for beneficial speech.

In the issue of singing or poetry for recreation or amusement to the self to energise it, then it should be (composed of) good speech (words) and how excelllent it would be if it was the speech of the Companions or Tabi’in or the awliya’ or the pious. There is a hadith that goes, “All the speech of the son of Adam is against him and not for him save dhikrullah and that which assist/leads to it.” Allah ta’ala says, “And they were guided to good/pure speech..”


As for sleep, it is among the needs of man which should be organized. So they apply the Prophetic Way with regards to sleep. The quantity is specified in a 24-hr period of time. A person who is accustomed to sleep 8 hours in the 24-hr period should decrease that amount gradually. So if a person decreases it by 15 minutes in every three or four months, that would not affect him/her at all until they can bring it to a moderate amount. A moderate amount here is 6 hours in a 24-hr period.

A person through disciplining him/herself and gradual decrease will bring it down to below 6 hours as well. We know some of our shaykhs and their shaykhs whom sleep was no more than two hours. they would suffice with this in a 24 hr period. Achieving this requires resolve and the person must be true and sincere. Doing istighfar before sunset and tasbih, tahmid, tahlil (33, 33, 34 times ea.) will aid the person. The time to sleep should be chosen and the best is at the beginning of the night and also a short nap around noon.

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