The trick of The Cursed one

A’uzubillahi minashaitonir Rojeem, Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Allahuma Solli wa Salleem ‘ala Sayidina Muhammmadin wa aalihi wa sohbihi ajama’in…

(The following is taken from the discourses of al-Qutb al-Irshad Imam ‘Abdullah Bin ‘Alawi al-Haddad from a malay book by Habib Naufal al-‘Aydarus)
One of the most subtlest trick/guile of Shaiton is to prevent a person from reaping benefits (from a good action) by making the person busy thinking about doing other good actions/deeds while doing the good action, as a result, this person was unable to do the former (the one he is doing at the moment) good deed properly in the best manner.

For this reason, do not be hasty, do not rush to finish a good action just to do another. The best is to complete whatever good action/deed/amal solih one is doing in the best manner possible before proceeding to other good deeds. Thus, this is how Shaiton diverts a person from the amal solih he/she is doing to think about other amal solih that they’re not doing.

Therefore, we know from this that any form of stray thought or whisper that occur in the mind/heart during prayer, dhikrullah, or recitation of Quranul Kareem comes from Shaiton the cursed. Even though the whisper invites one to do virtuous deeds. Other than this, whispers that invite to actions which are permissible/mubah (only) or disliked/makruh, then they are obviously from Shaiton. Especially those that invite to do the prohibited/haram

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