Moulding our children pt 1- Habib ‘Umar bin Hafiz

Bismillahi wal Alhamdulillah wa solatu was salaamu ‘ala Rasulillah, here is a simplified transcript of Habib ‘Umar’s lecture at Alkaff Mosque after Isya’ on the night of 18 October 2010.

Al-Habib ‘Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafiz began by praising Allah Who has granted us a great blessing that is to gather in His House for His Sake Exalted is He. This gathering is included among Allah’s commands/law. All these (blessings) is granted by Allah especially for those among His servants whom He Love. Similarly as Allah had given us all the blessings Guidance is given to us for us to be thankful for it until we achieve perfection and increase in blessings. and we renew our pact/oath bearing witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad s.a.w. is the Messenger of Allah. We plead to Allah so that He will grant unto us the station of the two testimonies. All gifts and stations that are granted by him are based upon them i.e.testimony of faith (ash hadu-anlaailaha illa-Allah wa ashahadu anna Muhammadar Rasulullah) the first step to Realize the testimony is to get rid of the worship and obedience to the passions of the lower self within us. We then correct the anger in our hearts according to the Shari’ah/Law (i.e. we get angry only for the Sake of Allah nothing else)

We begin with sending prayers and blessings to the Presence of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. who if it wasn’t for him we won’t be gathered here in this place. “Ya Allah send your peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. who has given us guidance and example”. And peace and blessings be upon those of his family s.a.w. whom Allah has made the Qur’an and them in harmony (hadith) until the day of judgement. And peace and blessings upon his companions among the muhajirin and ansar whom Allah has made them people whom He (Allah) is well-pleased with together with those who love them (muhajiriin and ansar) and He hates those who hates them. And peace and blessings be upon all His servants who follow upon their footsteps until the Day of Rising. And we seek peace and blessings for ourselves, our parents, families, teachers and all muslims.

Amma ba’adu, the subject matter for this gathering touches upon an issue that our Prophet s.a.w. was much concerned with. The subject that is the future of our children. The prophet s.a.w. strongly emphasizes upon us to teach and train our children both boys and girls the way to live. Our children include among his ummah/community whom he shall waiting for by the spring al-kawthar. The messnger of Allah reminded us to give attention to our children from the day of the solemnization of our marriage. In a hadith, he indicated, ‘…get married and have many children for I shall take pride in the size of my community on the Day of Rising’. Not everyone will have the chance to drink from his spring of the Prophet save those who passed away from this world upon his faith and love. The best way to die in faith and love is to put to practice the way that the Prophet s.a.w. had taught us.

Verily Allah has by His wisdom created in this world elements that influences both us and our children. We have to therefore give serious attention to these influences. Our children can be easily influenced by whatever they are exposed to in their houses and corruption can also occur outside. The first and fundamental avenue of influence are their sight and hearing. This was indicated by our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when he made it a sunna for us to recite the call for prayer in the right ear and the iqaamah in the left ear of the newborn. We are well aware that a newborn cannot understand the words nor could the newborn stand for prayer. However here is a lesson/allusion for us that whatever was heard although not understood at that point of time will bear an effect upon the baby later in its life.

How many of our children whom after hearing just a single word, became disobedient to his/her parents? How many of our youths whom upon hearing only a single word, abandoned their canonical prayers? And how many whom after hearing only a single word had their faith shaken upon its roots? And how many after hearing just a single word lost in their hearts the magnification/deep reverence for companions of the Prophet, his family/ahlil beit, men of piety and gained instead the reverence for people whom are among the potential fuel for hellfire? How many of our youths became delinquents and a menace to society just from hearing a single word?. How many have there been people whose thoughts were influenced just by a single vision and how many people changed in character as a result of a single glimpse? How many have there been whom a single glimpse moved them to perform prohibited acts?

Verily our Lord declared “Verily, the hearing sight shall be questioned on the day of Rising.” The pious men of the past, whom even when they were in the Holy city of Mecca would accompany their children if they were going to the Sacred Mosque just to ensure they do not hear nor see that which Allah dislike along the way. Among them were Habib Muhammad bin Husayn al-Habshi of Mecca whom was a contemporary of the local Habib Nuh al-Habshi. The vices of that age was little as compared to now but they were much more strict and meticulous in the attention they gave to their children. In this age when vices are rife the attention given to our children is just too little.

I am amazed, O beloved assembly that in this age many parents do not pay sufficient attention on the development of their children and on that which they hear and see while there are others outside whom carefully plan the items that which they want to feed the ears and eyes of our children.

To be continued InsyaAllah…
I apologise if there are any mistakes in this simplified translation and transcript. May we gain benefit from Habib ‘Umar’s knowledge, amin.

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