Al-Faadhil Dr. Afifi Al-Akiti on Bid’ah

Bismillahi wal Hamdulillahi, Al-Khairu wash-Sharru bi mashie-Atillah, Wa Solatu wa salaamu ‘ala Rasulillahi Muhammad ibni ‘Abdillah wa ‘ala aalihi wa man waalah

During a recent conference organized by Sout Ilaahi, Dr. Afifi was asked a question pertaining to the above-mentioned issue. He gave quite a lengthy reply which includes some of the following points (this is from the first part):

(It is highly recommended to listen to the lectures to make better sense of the points highlighted below.)

– Bid’ah or Innovation is not a legal ruling, there are five legal rulings, haram(prohibited), makruh(disliked), mubah(permissible), mandub/sunnah(recommended) and waajib(obligatory)

Bid’ah is general it has no moral connotation (neither positive nor negative), it is rather a basis for a legal ruling (haram, sunnah, makruh etc.)

– The hadith often quoted has ‘am/ general form (because of the word kullu) but it’s meaning is specific/makhusus, specific in terms of bid’ah of aqeedah i.e. creed

– Definition of bid’ah then is ‘anything that is acted upon without a prior example’

– Imam as-Syafi’e r.a. divided bid’ah into two praiseworthy and blameworthy so does Imam an-Nawawi r.a., while Imam Muhammad ‘Abdul ‘Aziz bin ‘Abdul Salam divided into five according to the five legal rulings (ref. Meaning of Bid’ah, al-Sheikh al-Hafiz ‘Abdullah al-Siddiq Al-Ghumari. r.a.)

– Bid’ah hasanah e.g. ‘ilm at-Tajwid which is part of ‘ibadah, quranic recitation

– One should follow the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. not just externally i.e. in letter but internally in spirit as well

– Silence in the law indicates permissibility

– There is a condition for ‘amr ma’ruf nahi munkar , the act has to be a crime that takes place in public live in front of you and the definition for crime/munkar here is ‘an act that it is not subjected to difference in opinion among the ‘ulama. (ghairu masaail khilafiyyah)

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The following is the link to the audio file…(Username:, password: tazkiah*h3 , go to thehiddentreasure folder)
Qn. on Bid’ah 1st part
The second part can be found in the same folder

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