Divine Epiphany

“And in yourself, do you not see?”
The manifestation of His Power and Mercy.
His Subtle and Gentle Acts in each moment. In the dark depths of your b11781806_10153545229314337_6284890264327353590_nody, every cell and atom proclaiming His Oneness & Unity.

What has diverted you from this Generous King? What is there that can veil Him such that you don’t see? Is it the veil of heedlessness and familiarity? Quick, render them and ascend the degrees of certainty!

In each breath What He Willed is engendered, in each moment the known in eternity manifested. Under your nose and in the farthest galaxies. Everything is new and fresh from fixity. Obeying His Command to Be! & lo and behold each becomes a locus for His Beauty and Majesty.

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