Friday- The moment when prayers are accepted

Work O dear brother in cleansing the mirror of your heart in order to become aware of the moment in which supplications are accepted (on Friday) and no one who asks is rejected by the vastness of the Divine Generosity. Do not seek knowledge of it without polishing for that will never happen. How many of the Divine Whiffs of gifts in the day and night have passed while people are heedless of them..
Our Shaykh have informed me from Shaykh Ahmad ibn Al-Muadhin from the aspect of the strong aspiration of Abi Abdillah is that he would sit in muraqabah (vigilant watchfulness) of Allah Exalted is He that for forty years he did not place his side on the ground. The awliya of his age said, “This one has not left a single drop of Divine Succour that has descended from the heavens in day or night except that he has a portion of it.”
Muhammadan Covenants, Ash-Sha’rānī

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