Conditions of qualifying as a Shaykh (Part 1)

1. A Shaykh is a spiritual physician, one who is ill with spiritual ailments cannot treat others

2. Competency, a spiritually healthy person may not be competent, i.e. competent to make others arrive at iḥsān

3. Practicing what he preaches

4. He is a follower of the Sunnah, knows a sufficient amount of the knowledge of Deen

5. Possess the skills to instruct in spiritual matters

6. People are nursed back to health through him.

7. He has spent a considerable amount of time with and benefited from a recognized shaikh, and the ulama and people of intelligence think highly of him, come to him in times of need, and feel an increase in love of Allah and decrease in love of the dunya when sitting in his presence, and the situation of those who sit in his company is continually progressing.

-Hadhrat Ashraf ‘Ali Thanwi