Arrogance Litmus Test

Knowledge on its own without practical application will not cure the heart from arrogance completely hence here are some practical ways to get rid of arrogance by Al-Ghazālī,

1. To engage in discussion or debate with one’s peers and wait for the truth to manifest from them. If it is difficult for you to accept it, submit to it, acknowledge it and express gratitude to him and praise him for drawing attention to that truth, then this indicates that you still have the deadly trait of arrogance.

2. In a gathering of friends, give them precedence and priority, for instance, walk behind them or sit at a lower position than them. If that is too difficult, the trait of arrogance is still present. (Note: if this is easy for the ego then perhaps it may be trying to appear humble)

3. To respond to the invitation of the poor, run errands for friends and relatives. If these are too difficult, then the sickness of arrogance is to deep seated in the soul.

4. To carry his groceries and those of his family and friends from the marketplace to his residence.

5. To wear simple, old clothes usually worn at home. If it is difficult to be worn in the presence of people, then it is arrogance, if there are no one present, then it is riya’ or ostentation.

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