Bediuzzaman Said Nursi & The Muḥammadan Reality

Bediuzzaman was considered by many to be the Mujaddid of the 20th Century as he single-handedly countered the wave of secularisation in Modern Turkey with his work Risale-i-Nur. He was imprisoned thrice, poisoned a dozen times, exiled and treated terribly by the forces of irreligion throughout his life (even when he was in his old age) but that did not hinder his resolve to save the belief of the Muslims from those who were plotting day and night to strip faith from their hearts.

He was accused of creating a new Sufi Tariqa (which was against the law at that time) but he denied that saying, “As I have written in numerous treatises, this is not the time of Sufism; it is the time to save belief. There are many who enter Paradise without belonging to a Sufi order, but none who enter it without belief. It is therefore the time to work for belief.” What he had taught to a small number of students was “not training in Sufism (tarīqah) but instruction in the direct way to reality (ḥaqīqah).”

Bediuzzaman wrote,
“Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him), who responded with universal worship and teaching to the manifestation of the dominicality of the universe’s Owner, and His eternal Godhead, and His infinite bounties, is as necessary for the universe as is the sun. For he is the supreme master of mankind and its greatest prophet, the Glory of the World, and the one addressed by “If not for you, if not for you, I would not have created the spheres.”
The Muhammadan Reality was the reason for the world’s creation, and is its result and most perfect fruit. So too, truths connected with the universe such as its true perfections and its being the enduring mirrors of an eternal Beauteous One of Glory, and the manifestation of His Names, and the works —charged with duties— of His wise acts, and His most meaningful missives, and its bearing an everlasting world, and its producing the result of the hereafter and an abode of bliss for which all conscious creatures yearn, — these are all realized through the Muhammadan (PBUH) Reality and his messengership. Since this is so, the universe testifies most powerfully and decisively to his messengership.” (The Rays, Pg 591)

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