“I do not claim innocence for myself;the ego is indeed an inciter to evil, save when my Lord shows Mercy; my Lord is indeed Forgiving, Merciful.”

I seek Allah’s Forgiveness and do not claim that my intention in writing is confined to good religious purposes; how may I do so when I am aware of the hidden desires, egotistic passions, and worldly wishes that I harbour? – Qutbil Irshad Imam al-Haddad r.a.

…Other students of Sufism proceed on the right path, engage in spiritual struggle, begin to actually travel in the way, and the door of gnosis, contemplative knowledge of the Divine, opens to them. But when they sniff the first traces of this knowledge, it surprises them and they exult in it and are pleased by the strangeness of it, until their hearts become fettered with turning to it and thinking about it, and how it was disclosed to them but not others. And all of this is delusion, for the wonders met with in the Path of Allah Glorious and Exalted are endless. If one stops with a particular marvel and becomes enamored with it, one’s progress falters and one fails to reach the goal. Such a person is like someone going to see a king, who notices a garden at the palace gate with flowers in it, the like of which he has never seen, and who stops to look at them until there is no longer time to meet the king…

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am writing to request copyright permission to use the picture of the 4 children wearing Islamic clothes which appears on your website. I have prepared a teachers’ resource pack on Islam and I would like to use this picture on the page showing Islamic clothes. My aim is to try and get this resource pack into schools with a view to raising funds for the building of Kankalay Islamic Primary School in Sierra Leone. I would be very grateful if copyright permission could be granted. If you are not the owner of this picture would you be able to let me know the original owners please. Many thanks indeed.

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