The Path is Simple – Feat. Shaykh Mahy Cisse

Alhamdulillah, praise be to God, we are very happy to be here with our brothers and sisters gathering for the sake of Allah, gathering to remind people of the religion i.e. Islam, “Verily the Din by Allah is Islam”. All the solutions we have it inside qur’an and sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w. every time for everybody, for all the situations, Qur’an is the ruh(spirit), “..wa kazalika awhaina ilaika ruhan min amrina ma kunta tadri mal-kitaab, wala al-eeman…” ila akhir ayat. So without Qur’an we don’t have a ruh, w/o quran we don’t have a light. And the light of Qur’an is Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.. They asked ‘Aisyah r.a., “How was Rasulullah s.a.w.?” She replied,”His manners was the Qur’an (Kaana Khuluquhul Quraan).”

The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said, “I left among you that which if you hold on to them you won’t go astray, the book of Allah and my sunnah,” …So what we need is to follow the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.. Islam is a religion of mercy (rahmah), mercy for everybody, Allah ta’ala told Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. “We did not send you save as mercy to the worlds”. He was not a mercy during the time he was sent only but all the time. The worlds or ‘aalamin’ is everything other than Allah s.w.t.. So the mercy of the worlds, all the alam is Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.. So we have to try know him, love him and follow his footsteps because Allah said, “If you love Allah, follow me and Allah will love you…” (ila akhir ayah). If Allah loves you for sure He will guide you. There is no faith or iman without love.The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said, “None of you fully believes until I become more beloved to him than his children, parents and all mankind,” Sayidina ‘Umar r.a. said, “O Rasulullah! you are more beloved to me than everything except myself”
The Messenger of Allah then replied, “Your faith is not complete until I become more beloved unto you than yourself.”
The Saidina ‘Umar r.a. said,”Now Rasulullah, I love you better than myself.” The Messenger of Allah replied, “Now ‘Umar you are a believer,”

We have to love the Messenger s.a.w. more than ourselves because he s.a.w. loves us better than we love ourselves. No way we can be saved until we reach this level in our love for him. We have to love our fellow muslims as well, in a hadith it is related that one will not fully believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. In another hadith it is related that one will not enter Paradise until one believes(have faith), one will not believe until one loves for his brother what he loves for himself. Islam is a religion of good morals/manners. The Prophet s.a.w. said, “Allah sent me to complete the good morals”. Allah praised his morals,”Verily, you (O Muhammad) are upon exalted character”. He also praised his tongue, “You do not speak from selfish desire…”, He praised his knowledge,”We taught you that which you do not knew…”, He praised his vision,” ..his vision did not swerve…” He praised his heart,” the heart did not deceived what it saw…”. Allah taught us how to respect the Prophet s.a.w. He never called him the way he called other Prophets peace be upon them. Al other Prophets were addressed by their names(Ya Nuh, Ya Musa…etc.) but everytime Allah mentioned Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. he mentioned Prophethood with his name. This He mentioned 4 times in the Qur’an. Those among the disbelievers whom called Prophet Muhammad, ‘O Muhammad!” Allah mentioned them as mentally lacking (laa ya’qiluun) to teach us respect.

The Messenger of Allah was an example for us “There is in the Messenger of Allah a fine example, for those who believes in meeting Allah and the Last Day and remember/mention Allah much…“. He is an example for everybody but not everybody can follow him, if you want to make it easy for yourself to follow his footsteps you have to listen to this ayat,(Laqad kaana lakum fi Rasulillahi uswatun hasanah li man kaana yarjullah...(ila akhir ayat)) for people who believe in meeting Allah and the last day and you have to mention Allah alot. So if you mention Allah alot that will help you to follow Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. It’s like Qura’n being a guidance for everybody but not everybody follow its guidance. Allah says in the beginning of the kitaab, “Alif Laam Miim dzalikal kitaabu laa-raibafeehi hudali-lmutaqeen…”, It is guidance for people who fear Allah. In another ayat He said, “Wa hudalinn-Naasi wa bayyinatim-minal Huda wal Furqaan…” So it is guidance for everybody but not everybody reach to that level whereby they can follow it. If you want to follow it you have to be among the muttaqeen i.e. the people who fear Allah ta’ala. Taqwa means to obey the orders and stop when Allah says stop.

Islam is deenul hurriyah, freedom to believe whatever “laaikraahafiddiin qad tabayyana Rushdu minal ghayy...” there is no compulsion in religion, truth has become manifest from error. Allah has shown the two ways. Islam is the religion of karam (honour), “We have indeed honoured Sons of Adam…” in this ayat we learn to honour/respect all sons of Adam not only Muslims. Allah carried them in the seas and lands, gave them sustenance and exalting them above most creation. Once the Prophet s.a.w. was sitting he saw a bier pass by and he stood up as a show of respect. When his companions told him that it was a bier of a Jew, he s.a.w. said, “Is it not a soul?” He did this to teach them respect for all souls. You can therefore deny that Islam is an intolerant religion, Islam is a religion of mercy, which accepts differences as a sign of Allah’s power. “Wa law shaa-a-rabbuka la aamana man fil ardhi jami’aa, Afa anta tukrihunnaas hatta yakunu mu’mineen…” Have your Lord wished all of mankind would have believed in him, do you force people to have faith?…

The Prophet s.a.w. said, “All the creation they are the family of Allah (we know Allah do not have a family), the best of them (is the one who is) the more beneficial to them.” Even though we are different in colour, tribes, race etc. the kalimatul haqq brings us together i.e. Laa ilaaha illa Allah…Islam is advice to be kind with everybody, Prophet s.a.w. said “Man laa yarhamu la yurhamu”, “irhamu man fil ardhi yarhamkum man fis samaa’.” If you don’t show mercy to people Allah won’t have mercy for you. Islam is a religion of tolerance, if you go to Jerusalem you will see the Mosque of ‘Umar which is situated next to a church. Sayyidna ‘Umar was talking to the christians in the church when the call for prayer came, they told Sayidina Umar that he could pray in the church since it is the house of God too. He said that he knows but he would rather go outside to pray since he did not want the other muslims to come in and occupy the space. islam gave others the freedom to worship their way. The solution to the problem of this age is to follow the way of the Friends of Allah and the soliheen and to love them because “al-mar’u ma’a man ahaab”. A person is with whom he loves, even if the person loved is of a higher station.

The best way is dzikrullah ala bizikrillahi tatmainulqulub i.e. Verily, the heart finds rest in remembrance of Allah. If you do not remember Allah day and night you won’t find rest no matter how much money you have. Whenever you mention Allah, He mentions you, Fadzkuruni adzkurkum washkuruli walaa takfuruun, you see the difference between the ummah of Muhammad s.a.w. and the ummah of Musa a.s.. Allah told the ummah of Musa, “Fazkuru ni’matiyal lati an’amtu ‘alaikum, wa anni fadhaltukum ‘alal ‘aalameen..” Mention my Gifts..but ummah Muhammd Allah ask them to mention Himself. That is a very great difference. You see the differences between Muhammad s.a.w. and Ibraheem a.s.. Sayidina Ibraheem said, “Inni dzaahibuun ilaa Rabbi sayahdeen…”, I’m going to my Lord who will guide me…But Sayidina Muhammad was taken by His Lord, he did not have to go… (Isra’ wa Mi’raj verse).

If you see the creation and you didn’t ‘see’ Allah before or after or while you see the creation, you have no light said Ibn Atho’illah. The dzikrullah is the key to the way, the best of dzikr is Laa ilaaha illa Allah, the best dua’ is istighfar, the solaatu ‘alan nabi (tasliya) would guide you to the right path. Even the shaykhs would say, “If you don’t have guidance, and you keep making tasliya, it can be your guidance.” You find this in the Qura’n, “Huwalladzi yusolliya ‘alaikum wa malaaikatahu liyukhrijakum minazulumaati ilannuur…” Whenver Allah sned blessings/prayer/solawat to you, it will take you from darkness to light, and it is related(in a hadith) that when you make one solawat/tasliya upon the Prophet s.a.w. Allah sends ten solawat to you. When you send hundred, He exalted is He sends thousand to you and so on and so forth…When you send a thousand, Prophet s.a.w. said you go to paradise with him shoulder to shoulder.

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