His Intellect, Eloquence and Abilities

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Allahumasolli ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala Aalihi Wasohbihie wa Sallim fi kulli Waqtin Wahin…

Wahb ibn Munabbih said, “I have read seventy one books, and in all of them I found that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him had the most superior intellect and best opinion.” It is related from Mujahid that the Prophet pbuh, when he stood for prayer he could see all those behind him as if they were in front of him. (The Pole of Guidance Imam Al-Haddad radiayallahuanhu, a descendant of the Prophet pbuh was also given this ability by Allah. Thus the Saints inherit certain abilities of Prophets.)

Baqi ibn Mukhallad related that ‘Aisha said, “The Prophet may Allah bless him and grant him peace, could see as well in the dark as he saw in the light. Besides these, he also had incredible strength, he was related to have threw down Abu Rukana one of the strongest people of his time three times, and called him to Islam. Abu Hurayra said, “I did not see anyone who walked as swiftly as the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. It was as if the earth rolled up for him. We would exhaust ourselves and yet he was not tired at all.”

His laugh was only a smile and he smiled the most. When he turned to face someone he turned his whole being/body to face that person. When he walked it was as if he was going down a slope.

His speech comprises unequalled eloquence and incomparable fluency. This is shown by such expressions as:

  • “A man who knows his own worth is not destroyed.”
  • “A man is with the one he loves.”
  • “The best of affairs is the middle way”
  • “Answer the one you love gently lest one day he becomes one who hates you.”
  • “Happy is the one who accepts someone else’s warning”

When Umm Ma’bad descibed him pbuh, she said, “Sweet in speech, distinct, without using too few or too many words. It was as if his speech consisted of threaded pearls. He had a loud voice which was very melodious, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

His noble lineage

The Messenger of Allah said, “Allah brought me down to earth in the loins of Adam a.s., placed me in the loins of Nuh a.s. and then cast me into the loins of Ibrahim a.s..  Allah continued to move me from noble loins and pure wombs until he brought me out of my parents. None of them were ever joined together in fornication.”

Ibn ‘Abbas said that the spirit of the Prophet was a light in the hands of Allah two thousand years before He created Adam. That light glorified Allah and the angels glorified by his glorification. When Allah created Adam, He cast that light into his loins.

To be continued if Allah wills…

The Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Sorrow

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem…

Abu Hurairah relates the following, “I was with Sayidina Umar on our way to the house of Sayidina Abu Bakar As-siddiq after ‘Isha prayers when we passed by the door of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and we heard sobs and cries from within. We stopped for a moment. We heard his voice (pbuh) crying: “Ahh…if only I could live to see what my people will do to their daily prayers. Ahh…I am truly disappointed by them”

“Oh Abu Hurairah, let us knock on the door”,  said Umar r.a. . Umar knocks on the door. “Who is that?” ‘Aisyah r.a. called out. “Abu Hurairah and I” replied ‘Umar. We sought permission to enter and she permitted. upon entering we saw the Prophet (pbuh) prostrating on the ground in grief, saying whilst in prostration: “O my Lord, thou art my Protector for my people therefore act on them with what suiteth thy Attribute (The Merciful) and don’t act on them with what suiteth their deeds”.

“O Messenger of Allah, my parents be ransom for thee, what has happened such that you have became terribly grieved?”

“O ‘Umar, on my way to ‘Aisyah house after praying in the mosque, Gabriel a.s. came and said, “O Muhammad! Allah sends His Salutations to you!”. After which he said, “Read!”

“What shall I read?”


“But after them there followed a posterity who missed prayers and followed after lusts soon, then, will they face Destruction,” – 19:59

“O Gabriel, will my followers neglect their prayers after my demise?”, asked the Prophet pbuh.

“Yes, O Messenger of Allah, in the End Times a large group of your nation will neglect the ritual prayers, delay their prayers till the time for the prayer has expired and these follow their lusts/lowly desires. These are the ones to whom a dinar (a meagre amount of money) is more valuable than their prayers.”

-Excerpt from Solatul Muqorrrobin by Habib Hassan Bin Soleh Al-Jufri Al-Bahr